Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Ok, so you’ve been got your résumé sorted and applied for your ideal job. AND you’ve been shortlisted (Woohoo) well done you! You now have the impending doom of the interview.

‘I always get nervous?’

‘What if I freeze and can’t think of an answer?’

‘I hate behavioural based interviews (what is this STAR technique I am meant to use?)’

Learn how to combat those nerves and use them as your superpower. My interview coaching is broken into 3 parts; first you will receive an extensive Interview Preparation Worksheet with some homework to do. The worksheet also gives you a taste of some possible interview questions covering both motivational and behavioural style questions. Next we will spend about an hour together over the phone, skype or in person* (your choice) where we deep dive into the coaching session and workout your barriers and how to ensure you blow them away in the interview.
Lastly, I will send you a detailed email recapping on all the hints, tips and advice specifically tailored for you that I uncovered from our coaching session.
What about salary negotiation advice you ask? Yep, I Have you covered here too.

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